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Students FREE but must secure your seat at link above.

Our next Speaker Series event will be posted here
as soon as it is scheduled.

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Join the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund and four guest speakers on endangered animal conservation. Our Executive Director, Dave Johnson, will speak about the KACF organization and what is to come on the road ahead in 2023 and beyond.

Conservationist and KACF liaison, Alex Dudley, will speak on his work with endangered Grevy's Zebras in Kenya and Red Pandas in Nepal.

Zookeeper and Conservationist, Loren Berry, will discuss conservation efforts with Giraffe in Namibia and the developing KACF partnerships there with Dr. Julian Fennessy and Executive Director, Stephanie Fennessy, of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Educator and Conservationist, Julie Sturgeon, will discuss KACF conservation efforts with Giraffe in Namibia. Both Julie and Loren recently travelled there to work with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation to strenghten our partnership and determine future travel opportunities.


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KACF In-person  Talks

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