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To Help Prevent Endangered Animal Poaching


KACF Heart & Sole Fundraiser

Putting boots on the ground to prevent poaching.

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In support of the Global Conservation Corps Future Rangers Program

The KACF was recently in South Africa and saw first-hand the efforts that the Global Conservation Corps has put forth to support a program to train wildlife rangers as anti-poaching guardians.  We toured the training facility to learn more about this incredible program to help save our endangered species.


The Future Rangers Program was originally the brainchild of Anton Mzimba, head of security for the Timbavati Game Reserve adjacent to the Southern African Wildlife College and Kruger National Park.  Anton was brutally murdered in his own home while the KACF was visiting the college.

During our tour of the training facility, we discovered that many of the future ranger candidates in training were not outfitted with the proper foot attire.  In fact, some were forced to train in open-toed shoes because of a lack of funding or inability to purchase the proper equipment.  Because of this, the KACF would like to fundraise to help purchase a shoe system for the rangers in training.  This would operate much like a skate rental at a roller rink.  Rangers would check boots out at the beginning of their training.  The boots would become theirs at graduation or turned back in if the program is not completed.

Developing the Next Generation of Wildlife Guardians

The future of wildlife lies with our next generation of leaders. Through the Future Rangers Program, the Global Conservation Corps works in areas with growing youth populations and vulnerable wildlife populations to create a path towards sustainable economies. We do this in three steps.


First, we work with school students, starting at age 5, to educate them about the wildlife in their community, teach them about the importance of environmental biodiversity and conservation, and give them real-world experiences with their wildlife to create a lasting love and connection for their natural world.


Second, we work with local leaders and stakeholders to develop sustainable industries, job opportunities and economic growth that will benefit the community and reduce the need to turn to poaching or other methods for financial stability.


Finally, we work with local communities to provide internship, employment and higher education opportunities for our future rangers students, some of which are funded through the GCC Future Rangers Scholarship Fund, to ensure that the upcoming generation of environmentally conscious, conservation driven leaders are put in positions to both thrive personally and also drive sustainable development in their own communities.


Through this process, we create a lifecycle of change that creates stability and sustainability for both communities and their wildlife.

More information about the Future Rangers program is available HERE.

Thank you to Susan Weingardt for this wonderful idea to help buy boots for anti-poaching ranger trainees.

KACF Heart & Soul Fundraiser

Anton Mzimba Education Trust


Anton Mzimba

Wildlife Ranger Murdered: Honor Anton's Legacy

On the evening of July 26th, Anton was brutally murdered in his own home and in front of his family. The police are currently pursuing three suspects whom we can only assume are hired hitmen. Anton’s wife was injured in the attack, but all of his children escaped safely.

Anton was murdered in the name of his life’s passion – protecting rhinos, conserving nature, and fighting for a better future. We cannot find the words to express the depth of this loss. We are shocked, angry, discouraged and hurting.

More than being an amazing and inspiring ranger, Anton was a great man. He was our friend. He was our hero. Above all, he believed that it was his sacred calling to protect this planet’s beautiful creatures and was willing to sacrifice everything – including, ultimately, his life – to protect the vulnerable and inspire the next generation to follow as wildlife protectors.

In support of Anton Mzimba, the KACF has chosen to help support the efforts of the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) to launch the “Anton Mzimba Education Trust” – a trust that will help support his family in the immediate future, and help support his life’s passion in the long-term; inspiring youth to love wildlife as he did. Their goal is $100,000, but any amount you feel compelled to give in his memory is so greatly appreciated.

“He always said he knew the risks. The risks of being a ranger. The risks of sharing his story. But that doesn’t change the fact that his loss is devastating. He could have done so much more. His family could have had so many more years with him…All we can do now is mourn his passing. Thank him for his life’s work. And honor his legacy by carrying his torch forward.”

John Jurko II
GCC Creative Director and RHINO MAN Filmmaker

Anton Mzimba Education Trust Fundraiser
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